Member Information

The Stow Chorus is an all-volunteer, open group. Auditions are not required. Rehearsals are held on Monday nights, 7:30 - 9:30 pm, September through mid-May, at the Fellowship Hall of the First Parish Church, Stow Center. through mid-May, at the Fellowship Hall of the First Parish Church, Stow Center. For further information, review the Sounds of Stow Handbook (PDF, 90 KB) or call Martha Pfeiffer at 978-562-0302.

Questions or concerns about the chorus should be directed to your sec­tion leaders. If you have been absent from rehearsals two weeks in a row or more, you should contact your section leader to find out what you have missed and to let him/her know your intentions about continuing with rehearsals and singing in the concert.

Section Leaders:
Soprano: Martha Pfeiffer (978-562-0302)
Alto: Nina Huber (978-287-5493)
Tenor: Bob Glorioso (978-897-3891)
Bass: Robert Schoen (978-897-3788)   &   David Gray (978-562-6843)

Dues, set by the Sounds of Stow Board, are currently $50 per year. Dues are paid annually and are the same whether you plan to participate in one or all of the concerts. A concert fee is also charged for each concert. Make checks payable to “Sounds of Stow” and remit payment to the treasurer.

A Concert Fee of $50 is charged for each of the three major concert programs. This fee covers the cost of the music and other items specific to the concert. The Sounds of Stow Board in consultation with the director sets the concert fee. Concert fees (and dues, if applicable) should be paid before you take any music with you after the rehearsal.

Dues and fees for students are half price.

Performance Guidelines
  • Men: Black suits, white shirt, and dark, conservative necktie.
  • Women: All Black. Ankle-length skirt, dress, or slacks. Black shoes and stockings.
  • Flashy jewelry, perfume and cologne must be avoided.
  • Music should be in a black folder.